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Fast acting insulin

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The Insulin novorapid preparation seen above is a form of Insulin, which is a commonly utilized peptide hormone for diabetics, most notably those suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Insulin is an amino acid based substance that has a 21 amino acid “A-chain” with a 30 amino acid “B-chain” attached through two disulfide bonds.

This is used by the body to transport sugar, in the form of glucose, and other nutrients in the blood into the cells in the body. However, it also has some secondary effects which could be useful to aesthetic athletes, which are discussed further below.

So, where the body is unable to produce sufficient levels of endogenous insulin, individuals suffering from this disease will supplement the substance through injections whenever glucose in the blood becomes too high.

The Novorapid Flexpen contains an artificially manufactured and restructured form of the chemical that has undergone change by the replacement of the amino acid proline with aspartic acid at the B28 position.

This is done to change the rate at which the agent is released into the body and at which it takes effect, with the effects starting after 15 minutes and reaching maximal levels after 1 to 3 hours, lasting a total of 3 to five hours.

The device is also designed so that doses can be automatically assured out and administered easily and quickly while allowing it to be transported easily. The preparation of the agent it contains is an IU-100 solution, meaning it contains 100 International Units of the chemical within every 1 millilitre of injectable solution.

While this chemical is usually available​ in western nations, like the USA, in pharmacies and most conventional medical vendors without a prescription, there are some locations where this is not the case.

Along with this, the Insulin aspart form of the compound may require a prescription in many areas due to its relatively new introduction and availability in the market. If a prescription is required, then it can be difficult and costly to obtain for athletes using the substance for aesthetically-focused or sporting purposes.

For this reason, many athletes may look to buy novorapid online for cheap as it can be more discreet and could be easier to acquire through these means.

However, because this agent can be one of the most dangerous compounds for aesthetic athletes to take, it needs to be carefully reviewed and understood before used to ensure an informed decision is made and responsible use is carried out.

What is Novorapid Flexpen Used For in Bodybuilding?

The Insulin Novorapid for sale above offers a relatively fast-acting​ form of the chemical discussed above. As mentioned above, as well as being responsible for transporting nutrients into different cells, there are also a number of secondary effects the compound has in the body which can affect aesthetic and sporting capability.

These include:

  • Increasing sugar content in the muscle, which may help improve work capacity in power and strength-based movements and activities.
  • Causing an increase in cell signalling, by increasing signals like Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) and Insulin Receptor Substrate 1 (IRS-1) which can trigger muscle growth.
  • Increasing protein production and muscle growth independent of the above signalling.
  • Raising the uptake of certain beneficial nutrients, such as protein, or creatine, into the muscle, which can further help strength, growth, power, work capacity, and recovery.
  • Boosting overall size through raising fat deposition and fluid retention.

All of the above perks can be very useful for those trying to improve aesthetic, explaining why it is used by some athletes in an attempt to further their progress.

However, despite the significant benefits shown above, there can be a host of novorapid costs, in terms of highly undesirable and dangerous events that are associated with its use.

Below, these are discussed further before examining more commercial and practical aspects of acquiring the compound, such as the novorapid flexpen price or where it can be obtained and how it can be ordered and paid for through online vendors.

How to Inject Novorapid Flexpen

The Insulin Novorapid Flexpen offers an easy and quick way of taking your Insulin shots. With its adjustable dial allowing you to easily adjust doses and know how much each injection is delivering, it also provides a more precise means of taking the substance.

This could help avoid some unwelcome events associated with excessive or mistimed use and make for a better implementation of the drug into a training regimen if it is being used for aesthetic purposes.

So, in many ways, this device is one of the best ways to take Insulin. However, it also requires specific preparation and administration.

When using the Flexpen, there are 3 main phases to taking the drug:

1.Preparing the dose

For this phase, the pen is prepared by placing the needle into the pen and removing any air from the container.

Placing the needle on the pen is done by removing the pen cap and wiping down the rubber stopper with a disinfecting wipe. Then, screwing on the needle after removing the protective tab is done.

The outer and inner needle cap is then removed and the dosage dial is adjusted to read 2 doses (International Units).

The pen is then placed with the needle facing upwards and the cartridge should then be tapped lightly to allow air to rise towards the needle.

The injector button should then be pushed all the way down until a drop of Insulin merges from the tip of the needle.

This is known as an “airshot” and should eliminate any air bubbles in the injection, which will help avoid problems like a cardiac arrest associated with air in the injection.

2. Selecting and taking the Insulin.

Before taking a dose, the dosage dial should be set at 0 International Units. The dial should then be turned until the pointer is aligned with the number of International Units you want to take.

Once the dose is selected, the needle should be placed in one of the most commonly utilized subcutaneous injection sites across the body, which include the abdomen, thigh or the buttocks, and the injection button should be pushed all the way down.

The needle should be held in position for a few seconds after this to allow emptying of the cartridge.

These sites should be rotated and care should be taken not to inject the solution into the muscle or a vein, as this can increase the rate at which the compound is released into the body and raise the chances of adverse events.

In terms of doses for aesthetic purposes, many athletes tend to start at a dose of 1 International Unit (IU) immediately after a workout and gradually build this dose over time according to what feels comfortable and doesn’t produce any adverse events.

Another method used is to administer a dose equivalent to 1 IU per 20 pounds of bodyweight; however this should only be considered by more experienced users.

A medical professional should also be aware and present when the dosages are taken and approximately 100 grams of carbohydrates should accompany each dose, with an extra 10 to 15 grams per IU taken, and more on hand in case it’s necessary.

3.Maintaining the pen.

Once the dose is taken, the needle should be removed from the skin. Rubbing the area should be avoided and light pressure should be applied if bleeding occurs.

The needle should then be removed and safely disposed of in accordance with the recommendations from a medical professional.

The pen cap should then be placed back on the Flexpen and it should be stored at room temperature for future use.

All of the above instructions should be carefully studied and followed if you order a Novorapid online. This will ensure that injection-related issues are avoided and correct use is maintained.

Below, we’ll look at the potentially dangerous or negative events associated with the use of this agent for aesthetics.

Risks and Precautions of Insulin Novorapid Flexpen

Before looking to buy insulin novorapid online, it is important to recognize the potential downsides to using high doses of this substance for aesthetics. This is because it is one of the sole compounds that can have fatal effects with excessive, or mistimed use.

The negative events associated with the use of a Novorapid Flexpen are usually associated with hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, and include:

In cases of mild or moderate hypoglycaemia:

  • Hunger
  • Drowsiness
  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Anxiety, irritability and depression
  • Skin tingling
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Unsteady movement

 In cases of severe hypoglycaemia:

  • Insulin shock
  • Seizures
  • Disorientation
  • Death

These are all extremely important to consider when looking at this compound, also, if any of them are experienced, simple sugars should be consumed immediately until these effects dissipate. Future doses should then be lowered or ceased.

Now that the above events have been reviewed, below, we’ll now look at potential places where you can find Novorapid for sale at low price.

Good Site to Buy Novorapid Flexpen Online at Low Cost

As mentioned above, many athletes look at where you can buy Novorapid Flexpens. This is in an attempt to find a lower costing and more easily accessible form of the above compound.

This site can provide an Insulin Novorapid Flexpen 3 ml preparation, which will provide 3 millilitres in a single pen, which contains a total dosage of 300 International Units.

This should provide more than enough of this agent for a common phase of use for those using the compound for aesthetic development or sporting purposes.

So, for those looking for Insulin Novorapid for sale online, this site is able to provide a sufficiently high dose and a controlled device that will help precise delivery.

Package 1 pen (3 ml/pen)
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk
Substance Insulin
Common name Insulin NovoRapid Flexpen

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