You must be registered on our website and hold an account if you want to contact us. If you forgot the password from your old account and can’t recover it for some reason, just create a new one with a new e-mail address. After creating a new account, make sure that you received our email that includes a verification link. 
Also please do not reply to emails that are automated notifications. The Support Ticket is the only way to contact us.

Navigating our website is pretty easy because each process is done step by step. We will inform you if your order has already been shipped. The tracking number is also provided.

Steroids Evolution is a leading distributor of anabolics online. We have been in the industry for many years now, so you can be assured that all our products are legitimate.

Ordering is easy. Just fill out the form and drop your items in the shopping cart. Wait for confirmation and delivery. We encourage our customers to create an account for easier facilitation of orders.

Our database is secured and encrypted to make sure your financial information won’t be hacked. The first line of defense is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (https), which you can see in the navigation bar. But we also have a dedicated IT department whose sole purpose is to prevent any breaches of data.

As we have been doing this for so long, it is our responsibility to also consider the risk of seizures at customs. With that said, shipments to Europe, USA or Dubai are completely safe. For places in East Asia, such as Japan, there’s a much smaller risk of items being seized.
Having said that, we can’t give you an exact answer without seeing your ticket first.

Except for Western Union, we don’t have a minimum order. However, it’s encouraged that you order in bulk to save on shipment costs. We especially recommend ordering in bulk for customers overseas to ensure you have enough of the product before it runs out. The new deliveries may take some time.

Here are some of the statuses you will encounter.

Pending or Awaiting Payment: This means that your order has been confirmed and is just waiting for you to complete the payment information.

Awaiting Money Transfer: Your order and payment information has been received. We are just waiting for the transfer of payment.

Withdrawing Payment: This means that your payment is being withdrawn at the moment.

Semi-Shipped:  This means that some items in your order were not delivered due to several factors, but mostly due to them being out of stock. We will ship the remaining items once the supply arrives. If several items in your list are not available, we will hold off on shipping.

Shipped: Just wait for your order to arrive. We will also provide you with a tracking number which you can see on the “Order History” menu.

Wrong Payment Info:  Check again the information you provided. Inconsistencies are pointed out in red marks.

Just place an entirely new order. Any orders without the corresponding payment will not be honored anyway.


We accept payment via three ways: Western Union, MoneyGram and Bitcoin.

•    Western Union: If you want to pay via Western Union, a minimum of $350 purchase is required. Western Union payment below $300 will not be accepted. 

•    Bitcoin: This is our preferred payment method. It provides a quick and smooth transfer of fund

•    MoneyGram

For obvious purposes, we need to remain anonymous. That's why we can't have any electronic payment trails that links our information with yours. We are selling anabolic steroids here.

After you’ve transferred the money, log back in to your account. Make sure to complete the “Payment Information” form because this is our basis to determine if the payment has been legitimate.

WESTERN UNION ($350 Minimum Order is Required)

Yes. Transacting with Western Union is labor-intensive and time-consuming. To make it worth our while, and yours, we need to impose a $350 minimum order for this service.

Western Union is global money transfer service that’s available in major cities around the world.

Immediately. As soon as you place an item in your cart, you have 48 hours to submit your billing and shipping information and send the payment. If we don't receive your money within 48 hours, your order will be canceled.
You must then place another order so that we can update our system. This is because our regiesters are changed regularly for security purposes.

Western Union also offers online service but we discourage the use of this one, again, to avoid any electronic trails.

No. You can send a representative to send the money at Western Union on your behalf.

Don’t worry. You are not going to lose your money. This is a security system built-in with Western Union. It sometimes happens when too many clients send funds through the service all at once. We will send you instructions on how to fix the problem. You can see it in the email you provided us or your account’s “Order History.”

PAYING THROUGH BITCOIN (Recommended Payment Method)

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is now being used as a cash system to pay and receive money. It offers a fast and safe way to transfer funds, especially when buying our products. Payments via bitcoin help us complete your order faster than traditional wire and bank transfers.

Simply visit or Open an account to purchase virtual money by using your credit card. The value of bitcoin is market driven but all the information you need should be there.

A Bitcoin option will appear when you place an order – simply click on it. You will see the total amount of Bitcoins depending on your order. Next, go to your account and transfer the money from your digital wallet into our Bitcoin address. 
Please note: Bitcoin is different from Bitcoin Cash.

After transferring money, it’s important to send us a copy of the “payment information.” A confirmation will be sent to you if the transaction is complete. All you have to do then is wait for the order to be shipped to your address.

Who paid the order? (Full name required): YOUR NAME.

Your Country : Your country.

MTCN Code or Blockchain ID or HASH : Paste here the (BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID OR HASH), to find out your Transaction ID check below,

- If you use Coinbase Wallet check this (Click HERE)

- If you use Wallet check this video (Click HERE)

Exact Amont To be Received (if you paid by bitcoin let us know the amont in ฿) : example: 0.05489 BTC (do not write the amount in USD, we obviously know how much was your order in $).

Wich of our receiver you sent funds to ? (Only for WU payment Method) : nothing it's only for WU method. You are not concerned.

Special Comment (Optional) : ...

The Transaction ID also called ( Transaction HASH ) offer the possibility to check the transaction on the Blockchain, it help us to locate your payment easily.

Its a long serie of numbers and letters that looks like this :  af04f9dbbc1417dc97e789edd0c37ecda88bac490434e367e

Here is how to find the HASH of a Transaction when you send Bitcoins ...

For Coinbase Wallet users, please have a look to the video below :

For Wallet users, please have a look to the video below :

Make sure to submit the Transaction HASH while filling the payment information form after you sent your Bitcoins.


Please be aware that heavy delay might occur during the pandemic virus of COVID-19. We noticed important delay in delivery  from the postal service.

For this specific reason, we will consider a parcel lost if it hasn't landed within 65 DAYS after the shipping DATE.

This is meaning that you can expect a reship of your order only 65 DAYS after the shipment of your initial parcel.

We want to remind you that, you can follow up your parcel as soon as it's shipped via this link

We hope you will understand the exceptional policy change during this exception situation, we advise to always place you (complete cycle) order long before your planned cycle in order to avoid any delay or shortage.

Stay Safe !!

In our line of business, discretion is the name of the game. There will be no markings on your package that will indicate what the contents are.

We do not ship to China and Estonia.

We use different courier services in the European Union and North America.

It will depend on where you are.  For locations in the European Union, expect a maximum of six days after shipping. For North America, expect 6-12 days. If you’re outside of these territories, you can expect delivery between 8 and 15 days. There may be some delays depending on the courier service. We have no deliveries in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea at this time.
We typically send the product within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your payment.

We encourage you to track the shipment through the This lets you easily estimate the time of arrival and make sure you are there to receive the package. If you do not receive your item after 31 days after the shipment date , you should report to us by clicking the “Open a Ticket” button. Our support team is on standby to assist you. Delays may be caused by bad weather, issues with the postal office, and strikes.

The standard and fixed rate is $20, no matter the size of the parcel.

There’s a 48-hour window before your tracking number can be read in the system. If this doesn’t work, there must have been an error and you have to open a Support Ticket.

Yes, you have to sign upon receiving the item. If you do not want to sign for the parcel, please indicate in the Special Comment area: “No Signature Required,” however we cannot give out a tracking number and you won’t be able to track it. We will also not be liable if the item is lost.


This is included in our reshipping policies. Take photographic evidence of the damage and send it back along with the Support Ticket and your ID number.

Unfortunately, if you’ve made a mistake in the address, the items will go back to the courier service. They won’t be returned to us because the address we provide is false. You will have to place a new order.

Note that our reship policies do not cover you in case your parcel is lost or returned because you provided a Business Address for delivery.

The delivery man will typically give you a claim receipt so you can pick up the package from the post office or the forwarding company. The rules vary, but you need to claim the product within 20 days before the post office will give it back via the return address we provided. Once the product is returned, you can no longer get it back.

Following countries are not covered by our reship policy, if your order is seized:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden. We can ship to these countries and we have delivered to them as well with success. We just can't reship if it's seized.