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60 Tabs of 25MG Proviron / Bayer

Proviron 25mg at Steroids-Evolution 

You’ve no doubt heard of proviron by Bayer – many a person has used it to awesome effect during pretty much any circumstance you can think of.

It works well in a cut, well in a bulk, and overall is pretty inarguable in its general efficiency for providing a decent anabolic boost and securing your cellular mass firmly in place.

We’re a trusted retailer for mesterolone (more on that later), and we can’t wait to tell you all about what it’s going to do for you over the course of your time with it, as well as giving you a little reassurance about why we’re an unbeatable source for it.

Proviron 25mg Tablets: Summary

So what’s all the fuss about proviron for? Is this item going to be of any use to you or are the rumours just a tonne of hot air with no basis?

You’ll be pleased to know that it really is every inch the item that it’s made out to be, and it’s definitely going to deliver what you need without any issues.

It’s mild in nature, easy to “get on” with and will ultimately serve as a great platform for generally enhancing your utilisation phase.

We really want to drive home why this particular variant is to effective – this isn’t your run of the mill variant, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to offer it to you for the fairest price on the net.

When it comes to knowing what to look for in an anabolic retailer, there are only really a few hallmarks you need to pay attention to – if you only ever use sites that adhere to them, you’re not going to have anything other than a great time.

You need to look out for:

  • Batch testing stamps so that you know your item has been put through stringent control tests, meaning that it’ll deliver nothing but high-grade excellence.
  • The name of the manufacturer on your selected item – who are they? What’s their reputation like? When you call them, can they confirm that the site you’re using is a reputable and trusted reseller for their product?
  • Has your item been created using the industries cast iron manufacturing guidelines making it totally safe for human integration? If not, you DEFINITELY need to look elsewhere.
  • What’s the price like when you compare it to some of the other variants out there? If it’s the same as any of the leading brands then you’re onto a winner; if it seems too cheap to be true, that’s almost definitely because it is.

Thankfully for you, this mesterolone by Bayer fits all of the above criteria and comes to you ready to deliver life changing results and transform your utilisation phase.

Now it’s time to find out more about the practical applications for this item so that you can truly get the most out of it whilst using it.

What is Proviron Used For? 

Those who buy oral steroids online aren’t always fully aware of the intended application of their chosen product – this leads to all kinds of complications and often a great deal of disappointment too.

Some people re under the impression that all “gear” is the same and will lead to the development of rock hard muscle, superior strength and an unbelievable level of visibility.

The truth is that you can achieve these goals, but you’re not going to be able to do it all with one compound. Instead, you need to use several at varying different times throughout the year to get to your final end result, whatever it may be.

Proviron by Bayer, in particular, isn’t known for delivering any of the above results on its own. You may think that makes it undesirable, but it’s the “under the radar” benefits it offers that are really what makes it a staple part of so many people’s phases.

It is used for a wide array of purposes, from allowing a bulking cycle to fully “mature” to keeping nasty side effects at bay based on how it interacts with the aromatase enzyme for the successful nullification of female hormone levels.

There’s really no such thing as making the “wrong” choice in terms of how you apply it – the only wrong choice, of course, being to use it irresponsibly which could lead to many complications.

It is even featured during the after-cycle phase as a means of helping to suppress the female hormone and restoring male hormone output – any AAS user will know that this crucial period needs to be performed with impeccable accuracy if one is to avoid having diminished output for up to a year after they come “off”.

Proviron also has a “hardening” effect on the muscles that is fairly similar to masteron – for this reason some do choose to implement it in the latter stages of a fat reduction cycle in order to fully capitalise on their appearance.

Let’s take a closer look now at the specific cycle applications this item has and go more into the finer details of its capabilities.

How to Use Proviron On Cycle

Proviron by Bayer is really dynamic and has a whole host of surprises to unleash, almost all of which will be useful no matter which phase you’re currently in.

Those who are trying to create positive impacts in terms of their size and strength will find that this item is truly a powerful ally to have on hand – it doesn’t necessarily assist in a direct fashion, but the manner in which it does help is pretty remarkable.

It has a VERY powerful ability to bind to the androgen receptor, meaning that your available male hormone levels are going to be way less restricted than they would normally. 

Mesterolone is an absolutely perfect accomplice for pretty much any common bulking agent, and will actually help to enhance the effects of the other products you’re currently using. 

What can prove to be a pretty cool way of squeezing some extra results out of your phase (if it has hit a bit of a snag) is incorporating proviron maybe around the midway point to give it a much needed “lift.”

Because of the “unbound” male hormone in your system, you’re also going to find that you’re without doubt stronger than usual – this is going to be seriously advantageous in terms of getting the most out of your training sessions.

When it comes to bringing out the best in muscular visibility, you’ll find that this item has surprisingly similar benefits to masteron propionate and even winstrol 10mg pills to an extent.

If you’re already at a low level of body fat, then incorporating this item towards the end of your fat reduction phase is really going to help “mature” your muscles and provide a dry appearance.

The former two compounds can arguably do this a little more effectively, but it all depends on what level of dryness you really need. Sometimes just a nudge is enough to push you over the edge and it makes you look incredible.

It’s also an awesome means of protecting your cellular mass – this is one of the biggest problems for anyone operating around a calorie deficit. Getting the balance right is hard, and many people lose a great deal of size over the course of their utilisation.

Using this product will help you to cement your tissue right where it is, thus meaning that by the time you’ve finished, you’ll look shredded AND big. What more could you ask for?

As we previously mentioned, you’re also going to benefit from anti-estrogenic properties – this will be useful at absolutely any time of the year, and can even come into play once you’ve finished your main cycle.

Are you beginning to see just how dexterous this item is? It might not display the most obviously desirable qualities, but it truly is an impressive way to fine-tune and amplify a stack you’re already running. 

Sometimes, less is more – and in this instance, having less dramatic benefits than the likes of other steroids like trenbolone and anadrol does actually equate to more due to the manner in which these benefits can interweave with other items so seamlessly.

Proviron Benefits for Bodybuilding

It’s safe to say that proviron by Bayer could be useful for athletes as much as it could those looking for aesthetic benefits – but it’s really as a bodybuilding tool where it comes into major prominence.

Mesterolone can be strategically implemented in two separate fashions for two sets of very different results when it comes to competitive bodybuilding; both for hardening the body towards the end of a cut or for “spiking” bulking agents midway through a bulk (as previously discussed).

When it comes to the former option, you don’t necessarily need to use it for long, but the time you do spend with it is going to be incredibly valuable.

You should use your proviron at a fairly high dose over the course of roughly two weeks (you might even want to consider front loading it in such an instance) as this will over “saturate” your body with the product and allow you to expand upon your existing results with extra dryness.

For the latter option, again use a fairly high dose roughly midway through your cycle as this will likely help to “tip” your other items over the edge in terms of swinging the balance back into anabolic favour as opposed to the plateau like state that you may have been suffering from up to that point. 

Risks and Precautions

Mesterolone by Bayer isn’t sadly all positive results and no problems – because it’s a pharma grade item, you’re always going to have to deal with at least some possible negativity.

You’ll be pleased to know however that proviron isn’t in any way harsh when compared to other items and is one of the least likely products to present issues when you use it.

At the worst, we’re talking:

  • Elevation of negatively charge cholesterol
  • Spot breakouts, maybe a little acne and some possible baldness
  • You might get some mood swings, but again this is unlikely
  • Possible dizziness and stomach discomfort

No singular one of these elements should come to fruition too potently either – at the most, it’ll be mild. Still, if any of them arise really potently you absolutely must seek immediate medical advice.

Mesterolone is very user-friendly overall; you shouldn’t encounter much stress when utilising it.

Proviron vs. Nolvadex for PCT – Choose Wisely!

Though lots of people like to use proviron by Bayer during their post product phase, please bear in mind that you might benefit more from the use of nolvadex.

The latter compound is ultimately more what we’d call a “specialist” in this field and can effectively battle against symptoms like gynecomastia whereas mesterolone isn’t necessarily going to be able to offer the same level of protection.

Proviron can offer decent protection from carried over estrogenic issue potential when you’ve ceased to use products, and it certainly is great at raising male hormone levels – but you should consider nolva if you’ve had a particularly powerful cycle as this will likely provide you with the greater safety element.

It’s also worth mentioning that for those AAS types that suppress erections, proviron is one of the best options for reinstating them whereas nolva isn’t the best choice for this – this factor could help you to make a decision more easily. 

Package 60 tablets (25 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Bayer Schering Pharma
Substance Mesterolone
Common name Proviron

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