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100mg/ml Nandrolone PhenylPropionate


Nandrolone phenylpropionate is going to feel immediately “at home” for anybody who has previously used deca – this is because the two compounds are pretty much the same, though the “npp steroid” has a shorter release window within the system.

Over the course of this profile, we’re going to highlight some of the commonly debated areas in regards to this item's functionality so that you know precisely what it is, how it works and ultimately how to make the most out of it.

NPP Steroid (Durabolin) Steroid Profile

Durabolin 100 is capable of delivering tremendous results if you’re relatively new to anabolic produce in general, but it’s still going to prove to be highly beneficial for experienced users no matter how long they have been implementing AAS for provided they use it appropriately.

On the whole, this is one of the mildest anabolic agents money can buy and is tremendously well suited to novices; arguably, durabolin in this form (phenylpropionate) actually suits novices even more adeptly due to its short half-life.

Whilst a prolonged release into the system is favourable for those with existing tolerance for a product, first time/inexperienced users may find that integrating a short acting ester like this is the perfect means of ensuring safety.

Any adverse issues that may manifest will not set in over a prolonged period as they would with a longer acting ester. The popular decanoate (deca) variant happens to feature the slowest “digesting” ester out there, hence why caution should be exercised at least during your initial few cycles.

Durabolin users can expect to improve their anabolic capacity, thus enhancing their cellular advancement, spiking their strength output, optimising their internal generative abilities/restoration including the ability to uptake nutrients more rapidly, and perhaps most prominently of all amongst its features; recovery will evolve greatly.

In terms of mass gain, it’s mainly through the retention of nitrogen (which consists of at least 16% of all skeletal muscle) that we are able to improve our ability to gain lean tissue whilst using this compound.

Nitrogen diminishment proves to be a primary reason why many people never quite manage to fulfil their potential. 16% of all muscle may sound like a minimal amount of tissue, but it is actually a considerable quantity.

If you were to (for instance) develop a further 16% of lean tissue mass over the course of a cycle, not only would this be unheard of, but the visual difference would frankly be mindblowing.

Consider that most people are losing a considerable degree of that 16% during their chosen goal phase; retaining it in full means that you’ll “keep” every ounce of the tissue you gain.

As a result, you’ll advance your overall size considerably, or cement it in place as you begin a cutting cycle (most users who chose to integrate nandrolone at the beginning of a cut would likely move onto other, “specialist” compounds to further achieve their goals, like anavar, but NPP can provide an excellent kick-start to such a phase.

Further to this, the half-life of this product means that it’s going to be tremendously well suited to a “rapid-fire” cycle, whereas all of the included compounds feature short acting esters. As such, pretty much any user of any experience level will find an effective use for it.

Whilst we have primarily discussed this product's abilities in regards to anabolism thus far – it’s really the recovery benefits on offer here that make it viable for purchasing in their own right.

Through the acceleration of the synthesis of the vital “building block” collagen, nandrolone phenylpropionate can dramatically improve the user’s recovery rate and allow them to replenish their foundations rapidly in between bouts of intense physical activity.

As a result, they are able to come in “fresh” for every performance, thus ensuring that their strength output is always as optimal as possible.

The combination of all of the above outlined elements makes it fairly clear to see that you’ll be able to effectively utilise this item within a wide array of disciplines, including any sport that includes an explosive strength element in conjunction with a high level of muscular demand, for bodybuilding purposes where lean tissue gain is sought after, and even for track and field events, provided caution is exercised in regards to dietary and dosage intake to avoid “overtly obvious” physical changes. 

Which is Better: Tren or Deca for Strength?

As with many of the comparisons between steroids, many of the people who like to pit deca against trenbolone are perhaps not considering the intricacies of each respective compound type fully.

It’s fair to say that trenbolone, on paper at least, would appear to completely wipe deca out in a like-for-like strength contest due to its vastly superior androgenic rating.

However, due to the npp steroids ability to dramatically improve recovery in between training sessions (which trenbolone isn’t known for at all – some actually believe it can inhibit recovery to an extent but this element is largely open to interpretation and circumstance) you might find that the two end up proving to be comparably beneficial to one another in this regard.

It has to be said that they both achieve enhanced strength capacity via different means, i.e., trenbolone will provide a more readily available “surge” that the user will be able to “measure” easier, whereas the effects of nandrolone will be more subtle.

On the whole, though, there are many factors involved in strength output including diet, training principles and personal responsibility – recovery stands as perhaps the most important of all next to an effective nutrition intake.

As such, it’s fair to say that you’ve got to carefully consider your priorities. The average “gym rat” would probably benefit more from a tren cycle, but anyone who needs to perform at a high physical standard (including pro bodybuilders) will likely benefit more from incorporating deca into their cycle for the purpose of enhancing strength. 

Durabolin 100 can also be effectively used with a number of other compounds that will actively provide a more “aggressive” surge of strength. 

As such, you should consider the “whole field” in regards to anabolic products as you’ll easily be able to combine it with a product that’ll allow you to achieve the best of “both worlds” in regards to “active” and “passive” strength support whilst on cycle. 

How to Inject Durabolin

The most popular and arguably the most appropriate means of injecting NPP steroid is via intramuscular injection.

There are several sites where this may take place, but many prefer to opt for the muscles with the largest surface area, as this will “absorb” the shot better than, say, a small muscle like the triceps.

Durabolin 100 is going to come contained within a stable oil, that itself is contained within a vial. You’ll find several guides online (including on our site) in regards to how to safely administer this product, but what you absolutely must do above all else is ensure that you perform the injection in the most appropriate and safe manner possible (whilst of course adhering strictly to the preparation guidelines as per the aforementioned guide.)

In this instance, you’re going to need to inject nandrolone phenylpropionate directly into the muscle tissue at your chosen site. For the sake of ease, let’s say you have chosen either the quadriceps or buttocks (these are the two most popular sites next to the deltoids) – you will need to pinch the skin and plunge the needle in, ensuring that it is on a 90-degree angle to the body.

On balance, a subcutaneous injection would involve injecting into the adipose (fat tissue) underneath the surface of the skin whilst holding the needle on a 45-degree angle – please do not mistake the two as sub Q integration is typically resigned for growth hormone use, with the IM procedure being arguably more effective for liquefied anabolic steroids.

This is, of course, open to interpretation and user preference.

With the above statements in mind, it is still vital that you consult with a medical professional prior to using npp to both ensure that you are comfortable with and can safely perform the administration guidelines previously mentioned, and are in a good enough state of health to be able to run the risk of taking nandrolone owing to its potential side effects.

Benefits of NPP Steroid Injection

As previously outlined, nandrolone phenylpropionate is a highly versatile compound that will be well suited to experienced and novice users alike.

A brief overview of its benefits include:

  • Dramatically enhanced physical recovery
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved sense of well being
  • Improved strength output
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Improved anabolic capacity
  • Enhanced metabolic output

These benefits will be well suited to a plethora of different user’s and their specific needs – this one one of the primary reasons why nandrolone has been in circulation for so long; it is highly dexterous and accessible.

Please keep in mind that a surplus benefit exclusive to the phenylpropionate version is that it won’t remain in the system for an exaggerated length of time – this averts side effect risk considerably.

NPP steroids will undoubtedly lead to the fruition of all of the above benefits when used appropriately (in accordance with effective dosage guidelines) – personal genetics may affect certain variables, possibly restricting the optimal fruition of certain positive traits, but again this is unlikely and provided your GP gives you the “all clear”, there is little reason to be concerned about the efficiency of this item.

Deca and Sustanon: Cycle Results

Sustanon is a long acting form of testosterone with a half-life of up to three weeks - it is the perfect “accomplice” for use with deca.

The primary reason why nandrolone phenylpropionate combines so well with testosterone is because the two are both mild in nature, testosterone can help to emphasise “active” strength output where NPP arguably lacks, and ultimately it can help to sustain hormonal output over the course of a cycle.

Both compounds increase anabolism, thus potentially leading to excellent muscle gains where an appropriate nutrition plan is in place.

In conjunction to the specifically mentioned benefits, it’s worth noting that testosterone and deca share almost exactly the same benefit “set” in regards to improving the anabolic atmosphere of the body and enhancing nutrient uptake. As such, the two “boost” each other to encourage better results.

Remember that you need to get the right durabolin injection for your cycle – npp will work better with short ester testosterone types, whereas deca will work better with the likes of sustanon or standard enanthate.

Some users at a novice level can gain up to 20lbs during their first cycle with these two products. Whilst this level of growth won’t sustain in the long term, several pounds should always be realistically feasible with the appropriate nutrition in place.

Negative Effects of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

The NPP steroid does come packing some potential adverse issues, as we’ll now highlight.

The key to avoiding them lies in performing a pre-cycle health check and adhering to a sensible dosage range based on your personal level of experience.

Breaking either of these principles will greatly increase your risk of facing the following:

  • Potential oedema and gynecomastia (can be alleviated with appropriate supplementation)
  • The possibility of elevated levels of negative cholesterol
  • The decline of organic male hormone output that will need to be addressed via effective PCT
  • Potentially dynamic mood
  • Headaches

Durabolin 100 phenylpropionate isn’t regarded as being a high-risk compound by any stretch, but it goes without saying that if you feel unwell in a potent fashion whilst using it, you should not only cease use but seek immediate medical help.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100 mg/ml
Common name Durabolin

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