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Dianabol 10mg Tablets: Introduction

Since its specific creation for sportspeople in the middle of the 20th century Dianabol has become a renowned chemical for athletes who are looking to improve either their aesthetic, or, in many cases, their athletic capabilities.

Dianabol pills were one of the few of these kinds of drugs to be developed explicitly for athletic use. This means they were designed to have a potent impact on the body while reducing the chances of undesirable effects that are commonly seen in similar agents.

Dianabol, commonly called by its shorter nickname DBol, is a chemically restructured form of the testosterone chemical. It has been changed through the following mechanisms:

  • It has a methyl chemical group that has been added to the 17h carbon point, which has been done to protect the agent against being deactivated and rendered useless by hepatic enzymes.
  • It also has a double carbon bond paper we at the junction between the first and second carbon point.

This acts to reduce the androgenicity, and related events, while also extending the time at which the chemical stays active in the body. It also reduces the chances that its effects will be prevented through interaction with binding proteins.

The preparation shown above will provide a Dianabol 10mg dose in each pill, which, if taken twice daily, is both a sufficiently high dose to provide a benefit to aesthetically-focused athletes or other sportspeople.

It is also a relatively higher dose per pill than most other preparations, which can commonly only provide around 5 milligrams per tablet.

So, for athletes, particularly those more experienced in the use of these compounds, this preparation can be a more cost-effective means of reaching your goals, as lower dosage preparation will not last as long as this product.

How Does Dianabol Work In The Body?

Dianabol, while structurally different to similar compounds, still interacts with the body in a similar manner. That is to say that, after administration, this agent is gradually released into the bloodstream and works through its interaction with androgen receptors in the body.

This interaction causes a change in signalling within the body, which has a host of effects. These include a rise in protein manufacturing in the body, along with a rise in retention of this protein.

Alongside this, DBol may also cause a rise in the number of nuclei that are present in a muscle, as well as those surrounding it. This can act to permanently change the amount of growth and capacity of that tissue. It can also have a range of secondary effects that can have some additional benefits, which are discussed in detail in the next section.

It should be noted that DBol tablets break down in the body quite rapidly, with a half-life of only three to five hours. This means that multiple doses will be required throughout the day for those looking to use the drug for the benefits discussed below.

Benefits Of DBol

As stated in the previous section, Dianabol pills have become a mainstay among many athletes using these substances to improve their sporting capability or physique.

This is mainly because of the benefits afforded through a higher level of lean tissue and consequently higher force and power output.

However, there are some indirect or more clinical benefits that include higher bone density and an increase in red blood cell production, which could lead to an improvement in work capacity.

However, because of how DBol tablets are processed and interact in the body, they also cause additional weight to be gained through fluid retention and some fat storage, which can be beneficial in events where size and force need to be as high as possible, such as in powerlifting.

As said previously, a twice daily Dianabol 10mg should be enough to provide these benefits, particularly for beginners, with more experienced users likely finding a more beneficial effect with a slightly higher amount.

Dianabol Risks And Precautions

DBol steroid pills, as with any similar substance, whether oral or injectable, will carry a risk of undesirable events occurring. The chance of occurrence is also raised when higher doses are used, or of the drug is used either excessively or irresponsibly.

So, it should be noted that, while a Dianabol 10mg dose is enough to elicit the benefits mentioned above, it is also enough to cause a number of effects which may be unwelcome by the user.

These include:

  • Cardiovascular issues – this includes a higher chance of a cardiac event. This higher chance stems from a simultaneous rise in Low Density Lipoproteins and lowering of High Density Lipoproteins, which can increase plaque build-up.

Alongside this impact on Lipoproteins, there is also an overall reduction in arterial flexibility, as well as an increase in heart size, particularly in the left ventricle.

  • Androgenic issues – despite being weaker in this sense than other, similar, agents, there is still a chance of these events occurring.

These events involve oily skin and acne, as well as an increased rate of hair loss in at-risk populations.

For women, this also involves the possible development of masculine characteristics, such as a deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, squarer face and higher hair growth.

  • Hepatic issues – because of how this agent is structured, the breakdown of the substance within the body will cause hepatic strain.

If this strain is continued for an excessively long period of time, or is too intense, this can then lead to damage or disease occurring to the organ.

For this reason, the use of this substance should not exceed 6 to 8 weeks, with an equally long break taken at minimum before future use.

  • Natural hormone suppression – as is the case with all of these kinds of agents, the use of this drug will cause a drop of roughly 60 to 70% of natural testosterone production, with prolonged or excessive use causing a complete cessation.

This means that supplementing with this hormone would be advisable to prevent any subsequent negative events caused from chronically low levels.

So, the use of Dianabol tablets, while beneficial for a number of reasons, can have a host of potential effects that may be unwelcome for some individuals.

Also, unlike some of the similar agents that athletes can use, the above effects cannot be successfully managed with the inclusion of accessory agents, like a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, such as finasteride or dutasteride, because it is processed far less by the enzyme than similar drugs.

These considerations are important to note when looking at purchasing the above item, as it can help you optimize the results you get from its use.

Dianabol Tablets - Results For Bodybuilders

As previously stated, multiple Dianabol 10mg doses daily can deliver a high level of results for athletes who are focused on developing their aesthetic attributes.

These powerful results have been shown in multiple studies with increases in size reaching as high as almost 2 and a half kilos in as little as six weeks. However, it should be noted that in the above case, a very high dose of 100mg per day was used.

Nevertheless, this shows that Dianabol 10mg tablets can be an effective means of raising size relatively quickly.

It also means that this compound may be particularly useful for periods where either fast weight gain is desired, such as in “rapid bulking” training phases, or when you’re looking to preserve as much lean tissue as possible when reducing overall weight.

In either case, DBol pills are commonly combined with testosterone to help improve the outcome of these training phases and could be considered for this use.

Dianabol Vs. Anavar For Strength: Which Is Better?

As indicated directly above, Dianabol can be, and very commonly is, combined with other substances. This is a well-renowned practice in sporting and aesthetic circles that is known as “stacking.”

However, this process has led to many athletes wondering how different agents, like DBol tablets, compare against each other for different goals, such as gaining strength.

Anavar is another popular substance that is used in both phases when the goal is to either accrue size or, far more commonly, maintain lean tissue and athletic prowess, when you’re trying to reduce your overall weight.

So, in the instance above, when looking to maximize strength levels, for example, a DBol 10mg dose has a far greater impact on strength on an equal-dose basis than Anavar, due to its chemical structure, which provides it with a significantly more powerful anabolic nature.

So, if you are an athlete who is dependent on a high degree of force or power, especially at a reduced weight, such as in combat sports, running or even weightlifting, then there is a real Dianabol advantage that must be considered.

This is especially true when considering that more experienced users will need a more potent stimulus, and in most cases a stronger agent, in order to keep making progress toward their goals, as they are much closer to their genetic limit for both fitness and aesthetic accomplishment than their less experienced counterparts.

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