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Anavar 10mg Steroid Pills

Anavar has become very well known in both clinical and sporting circles as a mild, but very side effect friendly agent. This has led to its widespread use in both these settings for a variety of goals and objectives.

Oxandrolone, as it's otherwise known, is a DHT offshoot that has had some changes made to its basic structure. These changes include:

1. The replacement of a carbon atom with an oxygen atom at the 2nd carbon position, which is the reason it is given the “ox” prefix.

This is done to help protect the chemical from breakdown by enzymes in the muscle and reduces the androgenicity of the substance.

It also prevents the occurrence of certain processes such as the conversion of the agent into estrogen, which is discussed further in the sections below.

2. The joining of a methyl chemical group at the 17th carbon-alpha point, which is done to protect it against the deactivation caused by hepatic metabolization. This also means that the agent can be administered as Oxandrolone tablets.

The above alterations have created a unique drug that has enjoyed widespread use by the above-mentioned groups since its inception in the middle of the 20th century.

However, the way in which the substance is processed means that, for athletes, it has a very specific place in the annual training cycle.

The Anavar 10mg preparation seen above will provide a 10 milligram dose of the compound in every tablet, which makes it useful for a certain subset of athletes, or ideal for the inclusion into certain training phases.

How Does Anavar Work In The Body?

As mentioned above, the chemical changes made to create Anavar also change the way in which the substance is processed within the body to a small degree.

Despite this, the primary mechanisms through which the drug takes effect are relatively similar to other related compounds.

Oxandrolone tablets work in the body through binding with androgen and related secondary receptors. This is done to cause a substantial change in signalling within the cells in the body.

This change then leads to a number of adaptations, including a large rise in protein manufacturing and retention, as well as the number of nuclei that occupy each muscle fiber and the cells surrounding it.

Along with these effects, Anavar 10mg will also lead to a greater bone density and can increase red blood cells in the body, which may help improve work capacity and can be used to fight anemia.

Also mentioned above, one of the unique variations to the way this agent is metabolized is that it is not converted to estrogen in the body, as is the case with many of its chemical counterparts.

The slightly different, yet similar way in which this compound is processed by the individual gives it a very particular place for athletes who are using it to boost their aesthetic. This use is discussed below.

What Does Anavar Do For Bodybuilders?

On paper, Anavar is supposed to be a very powerful substance, with a rated strength that is three to six times higher than that of conventional the preparations.

However, in practice, this potency does not seem to deliver the effects expected, instead providing a milder stimulus to users.

Nevertheless, Anavar pills still have a significant place for aesthetically-focused athletes. Its non-estrogenic nature means that it doesn't lead to a rise in fluid retention and fat deposition with regular use.

This, along with its milder impact on lean tissue, makes an Anavar 10mg preparation an ideal option for athletes who are looking to maintain lean tissue when they are trying to reduce their overall weight.

In less common cases, it is also used during periods where the overall objective is to gradually accumulate lean tissue without a concomitant increase in fat or water.

So, for periods close to competition where the aim is to maximize physique, or in periods where only gains in lean tissue are desired, this substance is a useful compound and is commonly added to other agents during these periods.

Dosage For Male Athletes

The dose of Anavar used is dependent on the athlete, their gender, experience and the goal of the training phase. This because the impact of the compound, as well as its magnitude, will change depending on these factors. 

A more experienced athlete will usually need a higher dose as they contain a greater number of androgen receptors in their muscles, and are closer to their genetic potential for fitness and size than novices.

When the goal of the training phase is to increase size, a larger dose would again be required. But, for women and sensitive individuals, a lower dose would be ideal to prevent the chance of undesirable events occurring.

But in a general sense, a commonly recommended dose for sportspeople or aesthetic athletes is around 15 to 20 milligram per day.

So, an  Oxandrolone 10mg dose taken twice each day would be an effective amount for most athletes, with slightly higher doses for increasing size and more experienced users.

So, as seen above, there are some real Anavar 10 benefits available, even at a relatively small dose, which could be another reason the agent is such a popular choice.

Anavar Vs Turinabol: Choose Wisely!

As stated previously, Oxandrolone is rarely used alone. It is often combined with a range of other similar substances in what is known as a “stack.” This is done in an attempt to augment the effect of each individual substance and obtain optimal results.

This means that there are often multiple choices when it comes to which compounds can be implemented in a stack for a training phase.

While this may be very beneficial in offering users a greater level of choice and variation for users, it also means that it is important to know the differences between these agents and how they are best used so you can make the right choice and obtain the optimal outcome.

One such choice that could be made, particularly during periods when the goal is to lose weight, is between a Turinabol and an Anavar tablet.

This is because both of these compounds are fairly similar, with both being relatively friendly in terms of unwelcome events associated with its use, with neither causing a measurable estrogenic impact on the body and having a low androgenic profile.

Both are also milder in nature than other choices, and are usually used with other compounds in phases where the idea is lean mass retention rather than growth.

However, Anavar 10mg pills may help deliver a more  a powerful stimulus than its counterpart, as it is a slightly stronger solution on a milligram per milligram basis, with doses of up to 40 milligrams being recommended for the Turinabol compound for aesthetic or sporting benefits.

This means that Anavar may not only be a more effective substance, but also a more cost-efficient option for those who are tight on funds, making it a more ideal product for more experienced users or those who need to watch their cash.

Risks And Precautions

While this agent is historically known for being one of the most friendly and tolerable compounds in sporting circles, the use of Anavar, like with any similar substance, can raise the chances of undesirable events occurring.

The potential unwanted events associated with  Anavar tablets are:

  • Cardiovascular-related problems – the use of this substance, like with all of its counterparts, will raise the risk of a cardiac event.

This is done through the concomitant rise in LDL proteins and lowering of HDL proteins. Alongside this, its use may also increase arterial stiffness and boost the size of the left ventricle in the heart.

  • Potential Hepatotoxicity and related issues – because of how this agent is structured, and how it is processed when taken, it can cause hepatic strain.

So, with prolonged or excessive use, this can then lead to long-term damage of the organ and related disease.

For this reason, doses should be carefully monitored and considered and regular use should be kept under 6 to 8 weeks, with an equally long break between at minimum.

  • Reduction of natural hormone production – as is the case with all of these substances, its use will cause a reduction, or cessation, or testosterone manufacturing in the body.

This means that supplementing with this hormone is advisable to prevent any adverse event associated with low levels.

  • Androgen-related issues – while this is probably the most friendly compound in this regard, there is still a small chance of incurring these effects.

These include oily skin, acne and a faster rate of hair loss in at-risk individuals. For females, it also means an increased risk of virilization (which is the promotion of masculine characteristics such as a squarer jaw, deeper voice and facial hair).

Another benefit of Oxandrolone pills, because of its highly tolerable nature, is that accessory compounds, like 5-alpha-reductase or aromatase inhibitors, or a Selective-estrogen-receptor​-modulator (SERM), are largely unnecessary, or would have no effect. So, this can further help save on costs.

Anavar And Stanozolol Stack

Like it has been stated previously, Oxandrolone is often combined with other substances to create a stack. These drugs are often highly complementary to each other and have similar impacts on the body.

So, one popular stack that is put together is in the addition of the Stanozolol agent, and an esterified Testosterone compound, or in some cases Trenbolone, to Anavar pills.

As would be expected this is usually done during training phases where the overall aim is to maintain as much lean tissue and fitness as possible while simultaneously dropping weight.  and fitness as possible when reducing your overall mass.

However, the relatively more powerful nature of the Stanozolol agent means the stack can be quite useful when gradually gaining size too.

Again this is because Anavar and Stanozolol cause no estrogenic effects in the body, promoting the gain of only lean tissue.

So, the use of a twice daily Oxandrolone 10mg dose, alongside a roughly equivalent dose of the aforementioned agent can assist in maintaining or promoting lean tissue mass and help you get closer to your goals.

But, it should still be noted that combining different compounds will increase the risk of unwelcome events occurring. So, a conservative approach with Oxandrolone should always be taken.

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