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I'm a heavyweight bodybuilder. Their Trebolone is the best I've found.
One of my new favorites! keeps me on top of the game!
Best. ever

Only special supps shop I trust and recommend
Decent products I am noticing small gains at only 2 weeks of use. Simple dosage, and doesn’t affect my mood.
Gained 12 pounds already, great products! No1
5 stars for your products and another 5 for your services! SteroidsEvolutuion ruless!!!
Very good
Yur Testo Rocks. I increased my strength to the roof! And also it increased my sex drive drastically... BUy Buy BUY!!!!!!

As I can see here I'm not the only one that mentions the discreet packaging and the Good shipping... It took only 8 days to land at my door. Great Work!

Bomb results after using A-bomb. Masterpieces!! Try them if you wanna grow like a gorilla...
all good...
Mix B is without a doubt their best product among others for bulking! if you're new to sters this is the one that will win you over. BuYy
The best gears available for human consumption. Great product, quick delivery. Great service
Couldn't communicate easily the past months. Probably because of cov19, i was receiving my answers after 3 days or so. And late shipping some times.
Still your customer tho... :))
Found u from a forum that some guys were talking about your gears and the results they had! and here I am having tried only few of ur stuff and I FU**ING LOVE IT! going for 2nd round!!!
effective gear! not much to say about the service. Support Always kind and available to help!
I see results from Test Propionate + Var combo, more lean muscle and I lost weight
Always great products to get the extra things you dont get from your nutrition! Easily growing Big with you.
Most of the products were out of stock during Covid. But I know you are trying your best! Thats a Plus+

My favorite place to shop my juice so far! Bomb.....
I dont think I will go with a different shop soon. Very pleased!!!!!
I love the fact that they care for their customers. Any time i shop i get my discount coupon wich is very appreciated these days! Hope you guys keep continu that great work
that you are doing!
Fast delivery, Good support (replied kidnly all my questions timely), good gear (the bloodworks speak for themselves) & none the less the purchase experience has been smoother than on amazon lol ! My Regards to the TEAM running it, this how it should be done!
The support team and quality never disappointed me!!!
Products as expected. Nothing less. Fast shipping! Thanxxx

You're doing great job.... A+++++
Effective products and insane feeling during training, minimum side effects so far. I'm an athlete so i was looking for something really really good that do GOOOD!
Ive lost like 20lbs within a month with the clen Parapharma! Very Good compared to what i ever used! Though sometimes they were made me a bit shaky and sweaty,
but as i read it is a normal effect.
Easy transaction, good communication. Fast shipping
Amazing gears, amazing effects.
Mix C from Valkyrie lab is One of the best AAS oil on the market. Carbs, protein and everything in between..
I didnt use alot of your products as im a beginner in cycles, but your Anavar along with testo Cyp and deca turned me to Hulk..... I FU**ING LOVE it!
Great stuff
Great price fast shipping
Having experienced a lot of shops and labs out there, i ended up falling in love with ur gears and service!
BIG transformation within a few weeks on my side!
Some good facts are the quality and the discreet shipping! Somehow a bit of delayed 'sometimes' shipping! But you're doing a great job!
All of the brands here are good. But MR-Pharma Fuc**in rocks! 5/5
Placed a second order right away, and it came a few days faster than the last! Mr Pharma test e, Deca, Tren a, tamoxifen citrate, and Arimidex. 6 weeks in from my first order and having great results!! Don’t get scammed these guys are legit and know how to do good business. Thank you again steroid evolution!
First time trying this and first time using their test P100 with Var. I must say that I was skeptical and uneasy however after reading all the reviews and learning more
I have to share to this day I have not felt any side effects! I haven't felt jittery or had an upset stomach.
I feel great and have been noticing results with an hour of exercise a day 6 times a week on a moderate clean diet. My muscle is showing more and the fat is slowly going down.
Super easy process, helpful faq, shipped same day after receiving payment info. and took a little more than a week to get to me in the states. Most importantly if you check with the manufacturers they are a approved reseller and everything checks out with batch numbers via manufacturer. Look no further give these guys a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!!
So I’ve always been skeptical about shopping online roids. but I decided I’d give it a try after i did a research and talked to some friends.
From the first months trying a couple of their products i saw some amazing changes to my body. and i have the best workouts I’ve ever had. Power to the maximum!
Safe to say I will be using this shop for the rest of my life. Thanks SteroidsEvolution
Guys, there are two ways to find out the authenticity of MR product. First, scratch the hologram which reveals a code.
Enter this code to the their website! done! One of the best

Great gears.. awesome replenishing.. amazing delivery time.. what else could you ask for?
No complaints! Great products
I've been using HGH ParaPharma for a few months now and it seems to work well. ????????????????
great service thanks! will be using this service again
Mix A is an outstanding product for REAL! I have let a few friends try it also! Highly recommended....
Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend for anyone who wants to gain Muscles or burn fat or increasing their energy during workouts! Excellent Team!
Great product. Fast service! Easy to use if trying to reduce meat consumption or recover from intense exercise.
Having a mix of Winny, Anavar and Testo boost my perf to the top. Muscles are dense and veiny, defintely G2G.
Using MR pharma gave me very good results! No side effects so far! I was looking mostly for strength gains prods and here I am! Everything worked smoothly. I recommend 100%
I'm satisfied...
Amazing products!! Love the energy it gives me and the gains I’ve been able to achieve in the gym.
I was pretty weak before but after I started taking your stuff for 4 weeks and lifting weights I felt the difference. Now I really do feel stronger.
I've tested most of your gear. Good fact is that the quality remains always the same! Trustable supplier so far
I had good gains using MR Pharma pills. I recommend to try them big time... Fast shipping to west coast ;)

My coach has me taking my Valkyrie anavar as a supplement with my current goal of fatloss. It's an excellent product for weight management..

Good support. Not always fast tho! Also most of the times some products are out of stock. Guess this is a good sign! A+++
Just finished my cycle, I used a bunch of your products and i'm very satisfied with you! Using 50mg of Testo E and 300mg of Masteron P, Anavar. along
doing six out of five days gym workout i feel like a beast!
One month using hcg / clomid as PCT and i noticed good recovery! Libito is still ok..! All good...
I used 50mg of winstrol tabs for the first time and the results were super . I can't wait for my next cycle . Looking forward to try more
I'm cruising for more than 15 weeks.. Im going only running Testo as TRT.. It's working pretty good for me!
I really admire the high class service.. Couldn't be better!
I'm going only for quality stuff... dont care if i pay more or whatever! This shop offers great magic potion.
Great fucking site.only one I trust to order from.products are great
Muscle gain and weight loss.
Best service I've had with an anabolic company in 10 years!!! Super fast shipping and high quality products! I'm a 100% satisfied and can't wait to place my next order!!
Allways got mine fast in allways been great gear !!
So far fantastic group to work with, fast fair shipment. Great product only complaint MR pharm creates very painful swelling at injection site.
Got outstanding results with Test PP 150 along with Tren ! Your gear i believe got me the best results so far..
Ordering was easy and shipped immediately. I would definitely buy more product with no hesitation. I recieved order 10 days after shipped! A+++ all the way.
Theses guys and business are ROCK Solid , their gear is insane , i used some Susta valkyrie with some tri-trenbolone 200 (MR) with some Tbol as kick Start ,oh LORD !! I could chew a fcking hole thru a boeing 747 !!! My strenght and body weitgh went thru the roof , without mentionning my libido , my gal got her bottom hurt the whole cycle ... These defintely offered me the juices of GODS ! THANK YOU STEROIDS EVOLUTION !!
Notice a huge diffence since i started taking their gear.. great product would recommend this shop to every one i kno...
Damn fast to get my stuff !! Usually Never leaving reviews ; but theses guys deserve it , Concerning the Gear WOoWwW mann !! its Juice of Gods ,its has been drawn from achilles and Zeus's veins God damn !!!! Got a boner just thinking about it ! You guys Rock ! God bless you... Amen
You wanna get HUGE !!!! So you should give these guys a shot BIG TIME !!
i ve been using their gear for quite a long time now , im really impressed by their products ... I ve been in the game for more than 12 years , and Valkyrie brand is definetly the juice of gods !!! Always got my parcels in Time , and always packed with alot attention, these people are professional, they know what they are doing and how to run a business !!

I would advise to anyone reading that comments to try their Trenbolone A-E (acetate / Enanthate) Valkyrie is the only brand to propose that mix of Trenbolone , this is by far the best sustance i ever tried , i got impressive results with it .. You should consider it !!

Thumb up to Steroids Evolution, you guys always been replying me emails in a timely manner.
Got my parcel with some delay, but finally landed, package was great and products looks good, a friend of mine ever ordered his cycle to these guys ... He defintely turned into a monster !
Used valkyrie for the last past months, i m recovering from a Pec injury with their lines , and i can definetly give a thumb up to their stuff !! i ran deca for joints recovering with some susta , i went up about 25 Lbs in body weight , recovered my weitghs post injury and defintely got that fragile spot where i torn my pec much more Stronger !!! Also T/a is not bad for a international parcel (less than 9 days for the first parcel and a the 2dn around 14 days from the shipping date) packs was discreet very well packed , all stuff wrapped professionally , defintly bullet Proof parcels .. thank you S-E !!
these guys are top notch ! their stuff are fucking Great, this mitgh be the best UGL around and its been yrs i'm in in the game !! I gave these guys a hard time with my questions, they deserve a 5 (thanks again to their support who was very kind and clear)
Very satisfied!
Aswome stuff !! i ve been a valkyrie user for years now and never been disappointed , i went through different UGL (domestic mostly) prior meeting valkyries stuff and i feel the difference !! SteroidsEvolution offer a professional customer service , they replied all my concerns in a short time ! You guys need to keep that thing UP ... Customer for life !!
Awsome service, been a while i was looking around for a legit source and thanks god i found them !! Their valkyrie line is very potent, its overpassing all the labs on the market by far ..