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Information About Anadrol 50mg Tablets

Anadrol has become a very sought-after chemical in the aesthetic and sporting world for many athletes. The reason for this is due to its especially powerful impact, relative to many similar substances.

Oxymetholone is, like many of its counterparts, a changed form of the DHT chemical. However, it has been further changed with the following chemical alterations:

  • It has a methyl chemical group joined to the main structure at the 17th carbon point, which helps prevent the agent from being deactivated after it’s taken.
  • It also has an added 2-hydroxymethylene group. This is to prevent the drug from being excessively broken down by enzymes within the muscle.

Both of the above alterations give the compound its powerful nature, but also means that it has a few unique effects, and unique potency in some effects, which gives it a very specific place for most athletes using it.

In terms of its effects, Anadrol works through binding to androgen and similar secondary receptors in the body. This then causes a significant change in signalling within numerous different cells.

For lean tissue, this change in signalling then leads to a rise in protein manufacturing and retention, as well as an increase in the amount of “satellite cells” that surround the muscle and the nuclei that inhabit it.

In the blood, this causes a rise in the amount of red blood cells that are created and in bone, this leads to an increase in density.

As one might expect, this leads to numerous benefits that can make the agent a very attractive choice for some athletes and individuals. However, it may also lead to some events which would be highly undesirable by other populations, both of which will be discussed in more detail.

The Anadrol 50mg preparation shown above provides a 50-milligram dose of the drug with every tablet, that should be sufficient for most individuals who are looking to use the agent to improve either aesthetic or fitness factors, another topic which will be discussed in this article.

What Is Anadrol Used For?

As can be surmised from the above summary, Anadrol has a host of effects which could prove highly beneficial for an athlete. 

The most notable and common being an increase in lean tissue mass that would be greater than that which could be achieved through natural means alone. This will also raise strength and power output, as well as promoting a faster recovery from strenuous exercise.

One particular use that has been reported with this agent is as a ‘kick-starter’ type compound that will provide the above benefits in a more rapid fashion than more conventional, similar chemicals, due to its faster-acting nature.

However, an Oxymetholone 50mg preparation will also cause a large estrogenic impact on the body, which can cause subsequent events such as a large degree of fluid retention and fat deposition.

The above effects, as already mentioned, make the Anadrol 50mg preparation a very specialised agent with a very specific place among athletes and training phases.

This will be explained in further detail below after looking at how the chemical can be taken when looking for the above perks.

How To Take Oral Anadrol

As a general rule, Anadrol is usually taken as an oral pill or tablet, with very few preparations offering an injectable variant.

This has some benefits, from the eliminated risk of some unwelcome events like injection site infections and soreness that can be common with injectable compounds, to a faster and more travel-friendly route of administration.

However, Anadrol pills also have its own set of drawbacks, including an increased chance of hepatic strain and in some cases, it can have less bioavailability than its injectable counterparts.

So, along with the above perks and drawbacks in mind, it is also important to know the best means of taking each Oxymetholone 50mg dose.

Because taking these kinds of substances with food has been shown to decrease their bioavailability, it is advisable that each dose is taken on an empty stomach for optimal absorption and effect.

In terms of administration frequency, a common recommendation is to take the agent once to twice per day, evenly spaced to achieve maximal levels of the substance in the body.

Positive Effects Of Anadrol Oral Steroid

As previously stated, Oxymetholone is a relatively fast-acting and highly potent chemical that is often beloved for its ability to increase overall size quickly.

This impact certainly seems to hold true when tested, with research showing that as much as half of a pound of lean mass can be gained per week, even in individualswith muscle wasting disease, with the potential for growth in healthy populations even higher.

However, Anadrol tablets also have a few additional benefits that should be mentioned and taken into consideration.

Firstly, along with being a particularly powerful substance when looking for improvements in lean tissue size, Anadrol 50mg pills are also a very effective substance when it comes to increasing red blood cell count in the blood, with one study showing that it can raise levels to up to covering the initial amount.

This could, in theory, help promote a higher work capacity, which could be very useful for athletes in endurance sports or those who have to perform repeated bouts of explosive activity.

But, it should also be considered that the added weight from fluid and fat could act against this benefit.

It can also help improve the density and fortitude of the bones, which can be useful in a therapeutic setting.

Anadrol Vs Dianabol For Strength Gaining

As hinted at above, the Oxymetholone 50 preparation seen above is not the only agent that is used for the purpose of improving the aesthetic, or elements of fitness. 

Indeed, there are a number of different compounds that are often used by athletes, and in many cases combined in an attempt to augment the results of the training stages in which they're included.

One particularly popular agent that is often used by athletes, for a similar purpose to Anadrol 50 pills, is Dianabol, which is again a particularly powerful substance that is primarily used in training where the emphasis is an overall increase in size above all else.

There are many similarities between these two chemicals. Both contain a powerful nature and possess an added methyl chemical group at the 17th carbon-alpha point, which means they can cause hepatic strain.

They are also both estrogenic in nature. Both are usually also added to Testosterone usage as opposed to being utilized alone.

However, there are also a few important differences between the two that should be noted. Firstly, Oxymetholone has been reported to be faster and more powerful in nature, but also more estrogenic.

Secondly, on a milligram-per-milligram basis, Dianabol also seems to have a more detrimental impact on hepatic stress than its counterpart according to research carried out looking at the dosages of each drug.

So, if you are looking to gain overall size, Anadrol 50mg will deliver faster, and possibly greater improvements, with potentially fewer undesirable effects on a dose-for-dose basis and, considering size has a positive effect on strength, this means it will also be more effective for this goal as well.

Risks And Precautions Of Anadrol

As with all drugs, the use of Anadrol steroid tablets will always carry a chance of unwelcome events. This is particularly true with excessive or irresponsible use, with chances rising when the dosage is increased or if the substance is combined with other agents.

These events, while manageable, merit careful consideration, as they may hinder progress or affect overall health. 

The potential adverse effects associated with the use of Oxymetholone 50 includes: 

  • Cardiovascular-related issues – these include a simultaneous rise in Low Density Lipoproteins and reduction of High Density Lipoproteins a lower arterial flexibility and a higher heart size.
  • Androgenic issues – these contain oily skin, acne and faster rates of hair loss in at-risk individuals and virilization in females.
  • Hepatic stress – as mentioned, the strain here stems from the chemical structure of the agent and can lead to damage and disease of the organ long term.
  • Estrogen-related issues – this includes the increase in fluid holding and fat deposition, as well as higher blood pressure and the chance of gynecomastia occurring.
  • Natural hormone suppression – as with similar products, the use of this substance will cause the body’s production of testosterone to reduce or halt, meaning supplementation is advisable to prevent the events associated with low levels.

While the above issues merit careful consideration, it is also important to know that some of the effects of Anadrol can be prevented or managed with the use of some accessory compounds.

An example of this is the inclusion of an aromatase inhibitor, like anastrozole, which will prevent the agent’s conversion to estrogen, or an SERM, which will prevent it from taking effect on the body.

It should also be mentioned that some of the above events cannot be managed as could be the case in similar chemicals. An example of this is the lack of use a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor will have on androgen-related effects if included into the regimen.

Anadrol Or Anavar: Basic Differences

As mentioned, Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is most commonly used as an agent for increasing overall size, along with other common substances.

However, if the overall goal of training is to lose weight but maintain as much lean tissue and subsequent performance as possible, other substances would be better suited for this aim.

For this reason, it is important to know the primary differences between drugs like Anadrol 50, and agents that are used during the phases mentioned above. One such popular option is the Anavar compound.

Again, while there are some similarities between these two items, a much larger gap exists than that seen in the previous comparison.

Anadrol 50mg pills, as said, will cause a large amount of size to be gained from both lean tissue, water and some fat. Whereas Anavar does not have an estrogenic impact on the body, so water weight and fat deposition will not occur with this agent.

However, it is also a weaker and slower-acting agent than its more intense counterpart, making it more ideal for cycles where maintenance takes a higher priority than growth of lean mass.

So, when looking at which agent to use, the goals of your training phase and regimen are a vital consideration before making any purchase.

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Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol

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