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1 VIAL 5MG BPC 157

What is BPC?

BPC is a relatively new product to enter the market of athletes or bodybuilders, who use chemical supplementation to boost their progress in training, or their performance for a show, a competitive event, or an appearance for a photoshoot.


It is known as a “research chem,” or research chemical, because it has not been formally studied in human populations yet, and has exclusively been used in research circles only, unlike the other, more conventional, anabolic compounds, which have a much broader body of research investigating their impact on humans and even on those who use them for competitive or recreational purposes.


However, thus far, all the research that exists on the impact of the BPC 157 5mg compound has only been done on rats or on cultured cells, both of which are not representative of how humans may react to this compound.


From a chemical standpoint, the chemical itself is known as a pentadecapeptide due to its 15 amino acid structure. This creates a very stable compound that can survive both oral and injectable administration. It also allows the agent to exert its impact on the body. Primarily, these effects seem to be an increase in certain cell signals, namely VEGFR2, a signal that promotes the development of new blood vessels, and EGR-1, which promotes cell and growth development, including muscle cells.


The positive and negative effects are discussed in further detail below. This is followed by a guide on how you can get your hands on the agent for your own diet, in order to help you get closer to your goals.

Benefits of BPC 157 5 MG Injection

As mentioned before, the effects of a BPC 157 injection has thus far only been formally investigated in isolated cells in a lab, or in rodents. Fortunately, there are some benefits that have been found in these studies, which may translate well to humans who use the compound.


There are also anecdotal studies from athletes who have experimented this drug in their diet, in order to investigate its specific perks for sporting or aesthetic purposes.


In both cases, some potential benefits of the pentadecapeptide have been reported. These include:

  • A potentially accelerated rate of muscle recovery and repair following training or an injury
  • Improved mood and mental health
  • Improved nerve and brain cell health
  • Improved gastrointestinal health
  • Improved endurance and work capacity

These are all hypothesized from the beneficial effect the BPC 157 peptide has on promoting cell growth and development, as well as blood vessel creation and development.


However, before you set out to buy BPC 157, you should also be aware of how it is commonly used, and any adverse events that may also be associated with it. These are all outlined in the sections below.

Administration and How to Inject?

Because the use of BPC in humans is yet to be thoroughly investigated, there is no steadfast dosing guideline for administered it.


However, due to the stability of the compound, and its ability to withstand multiple methods of administration, as well as its proposed systemic effects, it can be administered through subcutaneous injection, through popular sites like the abdomen or thigh, or intramuscularly, through popular sites like the side shoulder and the buttocks, in order to exert a similar impact on the user.


As for dosing, there are sources that propose a dose of 1.6 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight, based on the dosing given to rodents, where a positive impact was seen and its proposed human dosing equivalent for a BPC 157 injection.

This means that a 220 pounds individual would usually take a dose of around 160 nanograms. This would usually be done after reconstituting the product, which will usually be provided in powdered form when you purchase the BPC peptide. The product has then to be mixed with bacteriostatic water, before drawing the mixed solution into a sterile syringe and administering it in one of the above-mentioned prefered sites.


As with any chemical administration though, any confusion regarding the administration of the BPC 157 5mg solution should lead to consultation with a qualified medical professional, in order to avoid any injection related adverse events.

List of Possible Negative Effects

As stated previously, and as with any drug, it is important to understand the risks of any BPC 157 side effects that may occur with its use, prior to its purchase.


Fortunately though, there has been little to none reported adverse events with the use of BPC, even at higher doses. Even anecdotal reports have not reported undesirable events associated with its use.


However, because the research, both formal and informal, on the use of BPC 157 is still in its beginning, there still may be some unknown adverse effects that are possible with its use, both in a short and a long term perspective.


So, careful review of any new research regarding the use of this drug is warranted by those using it, or considering using it, as well as caution while implementing it into a diet. This is particularly true if you include it in a diet along with other drugs, as its use with other chemicals could make its effects, both desirable and undesirable, more unpredictable. 


As with any chemical, any unexpected adverse events that occur, during the use of a 5 mg vial of BPC 157 peptide, should lead to cease its use and consult a medical professional.

How To Buy BPC 157 Online?

After looking at how you can administer a BPC 157 injection, as well as the amounts that may elicit a beneficial impact and what these potential benefits may be, we can look at how you can get the product for your own use.


As may be expected, you can’t just go into a pharmacy or medical facility and buy BPC 157. In fact, unless you’re conducting specific research with the compound, you likely won’t have any access to it at all. Even most underground dealers will likely not have the item on hand.


So, the best way to get the BPC pentadecapeptide is to acquire it from online vendors, such as this website. Here, you can get the item quickly and easily by making an electronic order and payment. You can then specify where you'd like the item brought to, and we can then send it out quickly and discreetly for you, so you can start including it in your program. You’ll then experiment the outcomes, and you’ll know whether it will become a stable product in your program or not. 

Package 1 vial (5mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance PL 14736
Common name BPC-157 5MG, PL 14736

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